Rishabh Dassani

It’s weird to do audio calls with someone you’ve never met in person or even virtually.

Not everything is a task or a project. Some things require more thinking than a task, but not as much as a “project.”

The journey is the point, even when destination is the goal.

Being Ridiculous

When was the last time you did something ridiculous? For me, that was two nights ago at 1145 when I woke up from bed to realize I was short of my daily-step goal to keep the 100+ day streak going, so …

Federer has retired. 🎾

Stress comes from attaching ourselves to the outcome. We are only ever entitled to the journey, and not to the destination. 🙂

I thought I was going to get an iPhone 14, but the more I listen about Dynamic Island not being a gimmick, the more I’m tempted to get it. I suppose a visit to the Apple Store on the weekend would …

Question for Apple Watch users using Cellular models. Do you have to pay the carriers extra each month to use cellular on the Watch?

Okay, spell check, what am I supposed to do with this?

Is Dynamic Island a solution to a problem we don’t have? 😀

Steve Jobs Archive.

I was set on getting an iPhone 14, but decided to get an 14 Pro for one feature. Any guesses? 😎

Should you get AppleCare for your iPhone?

Is anyone getting an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro?

What’s the point of having success at work if you can’t enjoy that success with those you love?! #worklesslovemore

Why is it that only after hitting publish on a webpage, you are able to see the different ways you can improve your writing?! And every time I make the change on the website, I’m convinced this …

Overcast is so buggy. Makes it impossible to delete podcasts. Poor dev support too.

Can’t stop listening to this track. 🎵

Ever heard of Tempo? I don’t use Gmail, but if I did, I’d be using this app.

Can’t wait to upgrade my phone to the regular size. After getting the 12 mini early last year, it was great for three months before the small size became limiting.📱

Never give or take sorrows.

To have fewer thoughts (more positive and less wasteful/negative). To speak less (and to listen more). To do fewer actions and have them mean something. We can all be (and do) less but better.

In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be fully present. Lao Tzu Yep.

On India’s 75th Independence Day 🇮🇳, I’m reminded of this video from the 80s. Watching it made me feel nostalgic and super emotional. 🥲

India at 75. 🇮🇳